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Artistic Inspiration

What could be more inspiring than the landscape and lifestyle of Shetland. The wild rocky coastline and dramatic skies over calm or stormy seas, the wildlife or the incredible scenes of the Up Helly Aa Festival. 

This is an artist's paradise.

As an artist with over 25 years experience l can offer specialized workshops in Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylic, and Mixed Media.  Photography.  Resin bead jewelry making and design.  These are not included with Hoy but workshops can be organised for individuals or small groups on request. 



All workshops are priced for two people. For larger groups, individuals or for tailored tuition thats suits your holiday plans and level of skill, please message us through our contact form.

Painting landscape in Acrylic 1030-1630 (materials and lunch provided)                          £225

Painting landscape in Watercolour 1030-1630  (materials and lunch provided)                £225

Location Drawing Landscape 1030-1630 (materials and lunch provided)                                [weather dependent].                                                                                                             £165

Capturing landscape in Pastel 1030-1630  (materials and lunch provided)                        £225

Hoy Gallery 

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